About us

About us

Essie Maries is an all-natural product line, that tastes GREAT.  It was developed in remembrance of my mom, a woman who put her heart and soul into feeding, not only her children, but many children in the neighborhood.  I can remember many nights when our house was packed with my friends and my sibling’s friends.  Mom prided herself on filling the bellies of everyone, who entered her door, with home cooked, natural, wholesome meals.  She was always so happy and excited when she prepared meals, and that kept me in awe as I spent many hours just watching her.  Mom made everything from scratch (sauces, marinades, salad dressings, entrees, and desserts.)  All of these delicious things would be missed, when she left us in 1988.

Heart disease took my mother, but she left behind all the authentic recipes that touched so many.  Her recipes were tweaked with heart healthy ingredients.  Saturated fats and refined sugar were removed, with the hope of protecting others from the disease that took my mother.

Essie Marie’s might be better for you, but it still has the same great taste.  One taste and I’m confident that you’ll be hooked, just like all our customers. 

Have a taste of Life’s Essential All Natural Goodness.